Cleaning Methods of a Wool Beret

Similar to other items in your wardrobe, BERETHAT will also get dirty after a short term. It should note that a wool beret needs gentle washing, otherwise the original shape and colour may be damaged severely. For some wool beret with bills and brims of some kind, it is necessary to wash them by hand in warm water. Besides, a mild detergent is inevitable in protecting the material of a beret hat. A wool beret could be washed by machine in a gentle mode. Hand washing is often the safer option, compared with other methods.

Pour luckwarm water to a basin. At first, one should find a big enough container to wash the beret hat. Either of them is ok, such as a tub or a basin. Clean the container at first, keeping your headpiece away from potential pollution. Then add luckwarm water to the container, or mix hot water and cool water together, keeping water temperature roughly at 65℉-80℉ or 18℃-27℃ or less. In general, such a temperature is equivalent to room temperature.

It is dangerous to use hot water roughly above 90℉ or 32℃, which will damage wool fibers. Then dip the dirty headgear into warm water, and make sure no water will overflow. A little salt could be added into water to avoid its fading.

A wool specific detergent would be better. Some detergents are designed for wool specifically, such as Woolite or Persil Silk & Wool, which are mild enough for wool berets cleaning. A small amount is enough for headgear, leaving detergents dissolving into water totally. After complete dissolution of powder detergents, then add the hat to water. Some mild detergents are also accessible to wash wool berets like Baby detergent Dreft and detergent for sensitive skin All Free Clear.

Submerge the wool beret into water, and flip it over to make sure the hat is soaked into water completely. It may need one minute or even longer time, which depends on the thickness of a wool beret. Prior to rub a wool beret slightly, one should make sure all sides having been wet.

Slightly massage for a few minutes would be better. In order to let water and detergents permeate into a wool beret totally, one needs squeeze the hat and rub such fibers. In addition, the inside also needs to clean totally. Stubborn stains could be cleaned with a toothbrush. Perhaps fibers could be damaged easily, so harsh brush and hard strokes should be avoided as much as possible. Besides, do not stretch a wool beret when wash it, because such behaviors may damage its shape.

A 20-30 minutes soak. Leaving a good-washed wool beret in water for further soaking. Some stubborn stains could be loosen in the process. In the event that you would like to soak it in clean water, one also could change a basin of water and add some detergents once again.

At last, it should be rinsed with cold water. Let cold water permeate the entire wool beret.

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