How to Use a Washer to Clean Berets

Wash the soft hat with other similar clothes. Please gather some wool clothing and wash them at a time. It also could be washed with some similar clothes like blankets and sweaters. You can also pack a soft hat in a mesh laundry bag. Make sure all clothes washed with the soft hat are in similar colors, which will not soak up with other colors. A non-central agitator washer also could be used to wash a soft hat. Only some brimless hats could be washed by machine. Hats featuring a bill or other structural pieces only can be washed by hands.

A wool specific detergent is necessary. Ordinary detergents could damage fibers to a certain extent. Either Woolite or another mild detergents are ok. It should note that detergent could not pour to the wool hat directly, because some of them will damage fibers. Detergents should be sprinkled to water or added into water off a soft wool hat. Start the warm or cold water mode to heat water in a washing machine, reaching a certain temperature.

Shapes of wool hats or soft hats are possible being damaged by excessive hot water. So it is not adoptable to start a hot cycle when washing soft hats. It is important to make sure the soak, wash and rinse cycles are set in warm and cold mode. In other words, temperature of water should be 27 degrees Celsius or below. It’s safer to use cold water if it is difficult to control a specific temperature.

Choose the most gentle washing mode. Since flexibility and vulnerability of wool materials, they could be ruined easily. No matter which kind of washing machines you are using, one should choose the most gentle mode as much as possible.

Important Drying Methods

First, one needs to squeeze most water after finished washing. Then soak up excessive water with a dry towel. Repeat the process necessary until it is lightly damp only. The method is applicable to brimless hats only, because a bill or other structures will crush if they are rolled in a towel.

Lay it on a clean surface for natural drying. Do not dry it in a dryer, because such methods will severely damage the shape and material. After a short time, flip the soft hat over and then turn inside out until it is dried completely. Lay a small fan in the vicinity of the hat, keeping air around it. Wet hats could be dried faster while preserving their original colors and shapes.

Hang it on a clothesline or a hanger. One can dry it through another way — hang the hat up rather than lying it on a flat surface. In this way, a clothespin or a hook may be useful to fix it on them. Indoor clotheslines would be better, because of avoiding direct strong sunlight for a long time.

A better method is to wear it before complete drying. For the sake of the special material, the shape may be changed slightly.

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