Methods of White Hats Cleaning

In some conditions, white hats could be washed by hand together with some similar supplies. After figuring out your hats could be washed, then the most important thing is to determine which kinds of methods you would like to use, water, cleaning agents, a toothbrush or dish brush.

Step 1 Hat Examination

One should check a white hat ahead of wash and make sure whether stitches and brims would be ruined. It is no need to worry if a hat is made of choice material, durable stitching and a plastic brim. The washing method is not applicable to a hat made of cardboard visor, and those made of loose or flimsy stitching.

Figure out the material. One needs to figure out what the material is. The simplest methods is to check the tag or printing inside the hat. It could help you to figure out the material of a hat. Cotton, polyester, twill and wool are all washable.

Follow washing instructions. In general, washing instructions will be printed onto a tag, which designates the temperature, detergent, washer and even drying method. It’s essential to follow suit when one intends to wash a hat.

Ask a dry cleaner’s help. One could consider take a hat to a dry cleaner, and ask some suggestions. A safer choice is dry cleaning if you are not sure how to clean a hat.

A dishwasher may damage a hat, because of the high temperature of water and intense water impulses. The safest way is wash a hat by hand or bring it to a dry cleaner.

Wash a Beret Hat by Hand



Gather all your detergents. It needs a cup of hydrogen peroxide, a spoon of dish liquid and a scoop of Oxi Clean White Revive. Besides, one may need a sink or washtub to wash the hat. An old toothbrush is also necessary to remove tough stains.

Find a fit sink according to the fabric type. First, add lukewarm water to a sink, then one should add hydrogen peroxide and dish liquid. When a sink is about two thirds full, one should turn off the faucet and swish it around, promoting a complete mixing of detergents. A tablespoon of Woolite could be added to the sink with warm or cold water.

A Short Time Soaking

After swish around cleaning agents, one should submerge the whole hat into the sink, letting water permeating into the hat fully. First, a 10-15 minutes soaking is helpful to loosening tough stains. A wool hat may need longer soaking time, such as 60 minutes. Some tough stains could be scrubbed by an old toothbrush if hands could not clean some brims. For the purpose of preventing pilling of a wool beret, it could not be scrubbed by a toothbrush if it is made of wool.

Rinse the beret hat in water after a good wash. Please rinse it in warm water as much as possible. The last step is hang it on a clothesline, leaving it dry in the air.

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